Polishes from polishing experts

Greater efficiency for the desired results

From automobiles to boats – Menzerna preserves value, cares and protects. We have the best polishes for automotive clear coats and gel coats. Without silicones and fillers. Systematic and variable polishing processes let you work safely and efficiently. Tailored to the needs of industry and trades. The latest polishing technologies ensure that materials are used economically. You obtain the desired surface quality quickly. Long-lasting high-gloss polish!

Menzerna professional polish for automobiles and boats

Car Polish

High-gloss automotive polish: Menzerna offers automotive polishes for the four common polishing stage. Tailored to meet the requirements in vehicle detailing and paint shops. Together the polishes from flexible polishing systems that cover most applications. Innovative formulations using the latest polishing technology ensure outstandin economic efficiency.

Car Polish

Economic, safe, glossy: Polishes for automobiles

Coated surfaces should have a flawless finish. That is what every car lover wants. For this reason, flaws and overspray from coating processes and signs of use have to be polished out. As quickly as possible and with no discernible polishing marks.

Polish for black or other colors: Polishing automobile clear coats to a high gloss has never been this straightforward. Apply the innovative polishes and care products from Menzerna: From the heavy cut segment to sealing applications. Menzerna enables honest, premium results in the shortest time without silicones and fillers: For a lasting gloss.

Value retention, care and protection: Boat polishes

From liquid sandpaper to premium protection: Menzerna has the best polishes for your boat’s gel coat. Our system of standard and specialty products safely navigates users through the polishing process. From gel coat liquid sanding to gel coat premium protection. Our premium polishing compounds were developed especially for all types of gel coats. Menzerna offers you a high-performance, variable polishing system with the latest technology. Gentle care and long-lasting protection against environmental influences for your boat. Professional polish with ultimate economic efficiency.

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